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JC:HEM Curriculum Oversight and Steering Committee Agrees Framework for JC:HEM Curriculum Transformation
From 2010 to 2014 JC:HEM had the opportunity to learn, everyday, what works and what doesn’t work to bring high-quality low-cost higher education to the margins. In the area of curriculum there were many examples of exceptional courses, and of courses that didn’t work. JC:HEM now moves into the next phase of operation with funding from a generous donor, and begins to engage in a process of curriculum transformation based on the lesson learned from the pilot.
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Henry Kitungano used knowledge from the Business and Entrepreneurship CSLT to start a small tailoring business
CSLTs: Selected Success Stories from Dzaleka
In Dzaleka, it is sometimes easy to lose hope. Before the JC:HEM program arrived in Dzaleka, people only dreamed of achieving higher education, and these dreams were halted due to lack of money and inability to travel outside of the camp. As one of its programs, JC: HEM offers the Community Service Learning Tracks (CSLT). These are designed to be relevant to problems that the camp community is facing. Thanks to these programs, Dzaleka, now has more people with the ability to resolve problems independently of outside organizations.
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JC:HEM Recruitment: Chief Operations Officer (COO)
JC:HEM is looking to appoint a Chief Operations Officer to manage its financial, personnel and marketing functions. This is a paid position. The post holder will be fundamental to the on-going development of the JC:HEM initiative. A job description outlining key responsibilities and personal characteristics can be downloaded from this page.
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Project updates
Transform: The Newsletter of JC:HEM - Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins. February 2014
The Newsletter of JC:HEM - Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins

JC:HEM - Moving into 2014 and Beyond

Saying good-bye to 2013 is filled with incredible memories of students, faculty, staff, and the many companions who in partnership form JC:HEM. Year-end also brings an acute awareness from places in the world that to welcome in a new year is a gift denied many. For JC:HEM 2014 brings high hopes and dreams for what access to higher education can do.

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